Joining the Village that "It Takes..."

When friends have babies and you don't have children, there's a part of you that feels as though your relationship will change forever. After trying for several years with devastating results and now triumph, my friends Ethan and Rebecca finally have baby Lowell. I had the opportunity to meet him 3 days after he was born and I instantly fell into his spell. He's more baby bird than human with delicate and long appendages, arms ready for flight. He was three weeks early, ready to take on this world with strong and very capable parents at his side. He is the gessoed canvas of Ethan and Rebecca's life-altering masterpiece. Already, after having two meetings with the family in entirety, I can confirm that our relationship has changed- There is even more to love, more to inspire, more play, more care in my words and actions, more support, and more determination- as a member of this child's community- to ensure he has all of the opportunities to become the best person he can be.