Dunkit gets a bath

Dunkit is one of the many mangy dogs that has become everyone's pet and nuisance. She begs, barks at shadows, jumps on you when she wants to play, and seems to really love hanging out at La Maison des Rameurs ("The House of Rowers"). Her sweet disposition and persistence has really endeared herself to us, but following any attempt to pet and love her is a quick trip to the sink to wash our hands. She's flea bitten and dreaded, and dingle berries follow her wherever she goes. After a month of visits, timed with a growing homesickness longing for familial contact, Adam and Jordan decided to give Dunkit a bath.

Watching two grown, 6'4" men wash a little dog fills me with an appreciation of the type of people with whom I've chosen to surround myself. I reflect on how well these men must have been raised, the kindness in their heart, the peace they spread through their interactions with the world, how they will be or are as fathers (Adam is a father of a 2 year old with a baby due in May), how they'll take care of each other at the mercy of the ocean, and how warmly they've welcomed me into this project and home. Adam said to Dunkit while trimming her muzzle, "If you hang out here long enough, we'll take care of you." To my family and the families of these rowers, be rest assured that we're all in the right place in safe and familial-like company.