Mighty Fiona

This marked my second year of mini sessions with repeat clients and wonderful new families to capture. Dear friends joined in for the deal and due to horrendous weather and a young baby, I made way to their home for a cozy, home-based photoshoot.

Meet Fiona, an old soul, with wonderfully kind and adoring parents. She's healthy and happy with the ability to look straight down the barrel of my lens and into my soul.


Miss Fiona is due to have surgery next month. The plates of her skull have fused in places that could create pressure in her brain, delays in development, and potential disabilities that could alter her quality of life. She has an extremely rare condition called craniosynostosis that was discovered after a co-worker recognized the physical signs in photos Fiona's mother, Erin, was sharing. Thanks to this serendipitous warning, they were able to pursue the necessary steps to give Fiona every fighting chance to lead a healthy life. Now, they stoicly await a surgery that would scare the hell out of any new parent.


Fiona will be fine. She's mighty. I see it in her eyes- as though many lives have already been lived, and so many lessons are awaiting the words to share and enlighten. The love this family has inspires me deeply. My heart is with them.

For more information on craniosynostosis, please click the link.