Getting Local- CJs Evergreen General Store

Moving is never easy. Although I am now only a ferry ride away from the community and familiarity I fostered over the past seventeen years, it requires more planning and working around an hour-long ferry trip if you're not lucky enough to catch the Fast Ferry. I've embraced the fact that I need to courageously dive in to my new home locale, sharing my skillset and desire to support local businesses. There are so many small businesses. Due to the fact the cost of living and commercial rent is much cheaper than Seattle, there are creatives all over this town making magic happen! It's my mission to visually uncover the craft.

The first feature is CJs Evergreen General Store and Catering . Located next to a newly renovated park in the blossoming neighborhood of Evergreen Park, is the ideal spot to get a coffee or a cone. If you're needing the necessities, they have those too, as well as frozen dinners to go. I've had the Turkey Pot Pie and it's DELISH!

Shortly after the holidays, I introduced myself to Cynthia and Liza and offered to help with photos and their website. I provided a complete overhaul (I'm still working on a few details), it was time to showcase the delicious food they make and the services they provide neighbors and visitors alike!

Even in the winter, this place warms the soul. They provide toiletries and foodstuff to homeless teens, they have a stream of regulars, and cater delicious meals to the most impressive businesses in town. It's been wonderful getting to know them through their contributions. If you don't have an event coming up, you'll taste their contributions at the Bremerton Symphony, at a Kitsap Pumas match, and Farmer's Market.. Or just go visit them at their store!