photo by Cheri pearl

photo by Cheri pearl

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Hi, I'm Erinn J Hale, named for a Gaelic princess (or so my loving mother suspiciously claims) and my grandmother, Jacqueline. Her artistry and world travels deeply inspired my pursuit of photography and a deeper understanding of the world and my community. Through my camera, I'm able to see, feel, and understand more than I believe I would have had I taken a different path. 

I've photographed everything from ocean rowers setting world records to educators making the world a HEALTHIER place by teaching kids how to read nutritional labels. My photographic drive is to capture people at their most passionate and vulnerable. I document the proof that as individuals we add a spark, but as communities we create the fire. This includes all of you.

Please contact me for MY RATES FOR WEDDINGS & ELOPEMENTS, NON-PROFIT EVENTS, PORTRAITS, SPORTING PURSUITS, AND ADVENTURES- The more adventurous, the more I'm up to the challenge! I travel courageously and will go the distance to capture your story.

Erinn photographed our wedding and I can’t say just how happy we are with the results. There is a technical skill required for any good photographer but also an intangible factor that only comes from inner artistry. To capture moments that the bride and groom will remember and cherish the rest of their lives and to capture them with such grace, light and timing. THAT is what you want from your photographer and THAT is what we see when we look at our wedding photos. Thank you Erinn.
— william + spring
If you are looking for a photographer PLEASE check out Erinn J Hale Photography. She is AMAZING!!!!!! When looking for someone to take our wedding photos I wanted someone to capture who we were and the spirit of our love, family and friends. Erinn did just that, plus more. Every time I look at our pictures I smile at what a wonderful day it was and am so happy I have wonderful pictures to remember it . I look forward to working with her again!!
— alison + bill
There are not enough words to truly capture our experience working with Erinn and our appreciation for her talent. Erinn’s photographs didn’t just document our wedding day, they told a story of our new life together. From quietly capturing the emotional moments to making us laugh during the awkward ones; being photographed by Erinn felt like the most natural thing in the world.
— stephanie + chris
Easy to work with, infectious positive personality and high quality results. The best!
— Forrest + Ashlee